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Two Lovely Fellows.- Ezekwe Jessica Chidinma

“Go tie your wrapper well, can’t you see, you have started growing breasts?”, Said ubunkhei, my 14-year old male best-friend. Mami and Papi always told me to tie my wrappers well too, especially when going to the stream because “evil spirits were always looking for people as wives and husbands” I never took any of them serious, I always felt safe in my village.

ijaya dynasty

The Madman and his congregation.- Isaiah Adepoju

That day the preacher-man went mad, everything he did was against the church itself. When he preached, he stamped his feet on the white tiles and clasped the microphone between his palms. When he sang, the church muffled and swayed from here to there like an Iroko tree blown by the desert wind. He called out verses – he carefully picked the verses – the ones that were long, long enough to throw the congregation in disarray of whispers.


She Could Be You (Based On A True Life Story) – Umoren Elisha ubong

Growing up for me was fun, as I had everything I wanted. I was given all the love, care and attention any girl could get from her parent. The only sad part of my growing up was that there was the ‘daddy issues’. Dad loved us like nothing else, but he was broke, and would always pass out his frustration and anger on mommy, me and my siblings. Despite this, he loved us so much that he would buy us gifts from the little he had and at every opportunity he had. He was very caring and loving, just that he took out his anger on us by being violent from time to time.