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FAKE IS….WHAT(??) – Maradesa Ebenezer.

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Maradesa Ebenezer.

marade ebenezer


“Fake It

Till you make it”

The noise of it f(ee)lls the air.

Marching along the highways

Some zap by at the speed of light

And others r(high)de on wings of flying dinosaurs;

Or so they thought.

They skip on blindly

Eyes wide open

Caressed by pleasant images

Dilligently fed them by snug virtual reality goggles.

There I stand by the s(igh)de,

W(awe)tching as they stumbled about in place.

I really did try, “You can have it but you don’t just yet”,

But was drowned out by their stump and chant,

“Fake it

Till you make it.”

Maybe it’s just the McGurk effect

But all I hear is

“Fool yourself

Till you make a fool of yourself.”

BACKDROP:It’s common place these days for people to live the lives they project themselve having, so much so that they believe they already have it, even though they don’t as yet.

Cheers to our Amazing Tribesman, Ebenezer. We are proud of You!

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