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TITLE: She Could Be You (Based On A True Life Story)



Growing up for me was fun, as I had everything I wanted. I was given all the love, care and attention any girl could get from her parent. The only sad part of my growing up was that there was the ‘daddy issues’. Dad loved us like nothing else, but he was broke, and would always pass out his frustration and anger on mommy, me and my siblings. Despite this, he loved us so much that he would buy us gifts from the little he had and at every opportunity he had. He was very caring and loving, just that he took out his anger on us by being violent from time to time.

I can say growing up was perfect, or at least near perfect, except for one experience I had at age seven(7) which almost ruined my life…

It was a sunny Saturday morning. You know that kind of sun that just has this broad smile plastered across its face, and affects the world with its shiny and happy face. That was the kind of sun that shone on that Saturday. We lived in a ‘face-me-I-face-you’ type of house in one of the suburb areas of Lagos state. My mother and our next door neighbour had gone shopping for food items and I was left at our next door neighbour’s house.

I was the only one at home that day, as all my siblings had gone to one place or the other, making mymom leave me to be looked after by our neighbour’s seventeen (17) year old son, Abraham, who happened to be home alone as well.

I settled in at our neighbour’s house as soon as mom and our neighbour left for the market. I settled in easily as I had been there severally and it was like a second home to me. I played all day, both inside and outside. At noon, i got tired and mom hadn’t returned home yet, so I went into our neighbour’s houseand after given a very delicious meal of noodles with eggprepared by our neighbour’s son, I decided it was tine for a nap, and so I laid down on the floor to sleep. Abraham called me to lie beside him on the bed. I never saw anything wrong with that, so I relocated and laid right beside him, but he asked that I put my head on his chest, and I did. I was so naive and had no idea what sex was or what activities led to sex . I wish my mom had taught me before that time.

The next thing I heard was “take off your clothes”. He was in his boxer shorts only, since there was no light. I did as told, since I didn’t see anything wrong in taking off my clothes in front of anyone else, and moreover, there was so much heat since the power holding company had decided not to shine their light on us that afternoon…

I took off all my clothing and was left in just a singlet and panty. The next thing I felt was a hand running from my neck downwards, lingering for a while on my chest region, rubbing and squeezing my tiny budding chest. I didn’t see anything wrong in this too and thought it was his own way of showing care for someone who is like a sister to him. I felt his mouth running all over my face and chest. At this point, I knew it was wrong, but I couldn’t ask him to stop, as I was enjoying the pleasurable warm tingly feeling that spread across my body down to my toes.

He then took me to another level by placing his hand on my ‘little nubbin’. He swirled and rolled his fingers on top of my vaginal lips and trying to push his hands into my orifice. I felt a sharp pain as his fingers penetrated me, but the pleasure I was getting overshadowed the pain I felt. I let out some small moans in between and soon enough, I got this sweet feeling build up in my stomach and then spread down my body, between my legs and then down to my toes. My head began spinning and I was really dizzy, which made me fall asleep almost immediately.

I woke up later and tried to stand up to go back home, but I felt a very sharp stinging pain between my legs which made walking a tough task for me, so I limped all the way back to my house.

As I strode out, he warned me not to tell anybody about what we did earlier and I promised him I wouldn’t tell anyone at all.

I got home and mom came back some minutes later with cooking items and met me looking sad and asked why my countenance was dull, but I said nothing and limped to the kitchen to help her with cooking. When asked why I was limping, I simply said I hit my foot against a stone while playing and the toe was paining me.

Later that evening, mum walked in on me in the bathroom, sitting on the toilet seat, looking depressed and sad, with my legs spread out. She screamed immediately she saw my red swollen vaginal lips.

“Who did this to you!!!” She was filled with a kind of rage I had never seen in her before.

“Br- Bro- Brother Abraham ma!” I said in between tears.

Daddy had Abraham arrested early the next morning, as early as 6am.

It took me a while to get over the trauma, but my parents were ever helpful in the process of overcoming the trauma. God bless them!

I had long forgotten this event, but just had to share my story in order to start a campaign against child rape/abuse/molestation.

Parents should try and keep their girl child informed about sex and it’s activities, so that they don’t go out and learn about it the wrong way.

If you have ever been molested before, don’t keep it to yourself and drown in depression. Speak up. Tell somebody, so that the criminal can be brought to book.

Parents should not castigate or despise a child who has been molested, but should rather help her through recovering from the traumatizing experience.

And lastly, the government should put in place, a law which will ensure that perpetrators of these evil acts are brought to book and severely punished for their offence.




Thank you.


Cheers to our Amazing Tribesman, Elisha. We are proud of You!

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