DEAR STONE – Jesse Okeleye Benedict

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Jesse OKeleye




Someone dig the ground to find you 

Blood, shed for your sack 

In believe that you can be gold 

Mixed with fire you scream for help 

No one was able to touch you 

Melting into a new shape 

Never to return to stone again 

Beaten with metal, broken into shape,

Molten with love and it’s glory

Different from your past 

Now your future shines bright with a touch of diamond.

Brief Personal Bio

His first write was a letter to his parent asking for a baby brother, which he never got.

As an introvert, he writes about love, life, time, awareness and pieces of encouragement.

He believes time has a pattern, as a true seeker of knowledge, he writes about his understanding of life eventuality and what comes next and aspires to be a life coach.

He was born in Lagos, Nigeria 1994 in a family of four and moved to South Africa.

Cheers to our Amazing Tribesman, Jesse. We are proud of You!

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