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TVO TRIBE is a community of proud and constantly evolving African Creatives. We focus on inspiring one another to becoming the best representation of Africa and changing the narrative of the African literary world. 

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You as a Contributor
The Contribution Team manages contents on the blog and those that are shared on our social media pages. As a Contributor, you are expected to write your pieces based on the theme available at the moment.
New themes are released on a monthly basis and we always ensure they are related to Africa, so as to give our contributors a sense of belonging and familiarity with the home. 
There are two options available for intending contributors; you may choose to be either a guest contributor or one of our in-house contributors. To be a guest contributor, all you have to do is check out our theme for the month, write on it, ensure it doesn’t contradict our guidelines, then submit. 

To be part of our in-house contributors, you’ll have to fill the free application form here

Contribution Guidelines
TVO TRIBE is a safe space. We encourage both new and older voices to submit. Our focus is to help African Creatives propagate their own voices, find their way, and get heard. 
We encourage experimentation, we want to read you in your best and crudest form, we want to read your  “beautyfull” creative pieces. Send us your fears and pieces that keep you up at night, write us your fact-laden opinionated pieces. Remember, we publish creative works provided they go with our theme for that month.

Here are a few things to note:
1. We accept only original, previously unpublished pieces. Do not send us works that have appeared on both personal website or other literary houses. We do not count works appearing on your personal social media accounts as published.
2. While we give every contributor the right to be deeply opinionated in their pieces, we encourage you to add facts, great insights, pure knowledge, and undeniable value in your pieces. 
3. Your content should revolve around Africa. We want to publish African pieces that promote Africa, that are written by Africans either here at home or in diaspora. 
4. Please submit photographs, artworks, and other images you think are important to understanding your pieces. Do give us a notice on photo credit so we can duly recognise them. 
5. We won’t publish hate pieces, works that naturally are meant to stir hatred in the African literary world. We also won’t consider works our editor find too extreme for our ever growing audience. Do ensure you add a content warning if your piece deserves it.
6. While we are committed to editing your pieces and ensuring they are not only refined but aesthetically appealing to readers, we encourage you to edit your pieces before submitting them. Please download our style guide to properly format your entry.
7. Limits about each category of submission: Poems — Submit not more than two poems of maximum of 40 lines each on the theme. Each poem should start on a new page and may be titled. Articles — Submit one article that is between 700 to 3000 words on the theme. We want you to write as much as possible, remember, we can only post you once per month. Personal accounts — These are nonfiction pieces and we’d want you to write everything possible but limited to maximum 4000 words in just one piece. Photographs/Artwork — Submit not more than 5 creative artworks during a particular submission period.
8. Our team of editors are always on ground to ensure each submission receive deserved attention. Send us your bio in not more than 100 words. A cover letter is not compulsory, but you can attach one if it’s important to understanding your piece. The bio and the cover letter should be part of the body of mail while your piece should be attached as a single document. There should be no identifying information on your piece — we read blind. 
We read your pieces ONLY during the submission period. Please direct all your submissions to “contributions@tvotribe.com
We try to respond to every submission between three to four weeks after receiving them. You are free to send an enquiry email after five weeks if you do not get a reply from us.

Download our Style Guide

If you think your piece is beautiful enough but not in tandem with the theme on ground, we can have it as part of our featured post. Submit it here.

Goodluck Tribesman.

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