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Africans in diaspora

Africans In Diaspora: Are They The Same As Us?

Of Greek origin, the term ‘diaspora’ translates to ‘scattering’ or ‘dispersal.’ The African diaspora may therefore be used to encapsulate people of African ancestry dispersed or scattered from their home continent to other parts of the world either through forced removal or voluntary migration, and the progeny of the dispersed born in their new places of settlement. In essence, the African diaspora is made up of the offspring of those who were forcefully removed from their home and taken to other places as slaves centuries ago – historical diaspora – and those who have migrated from Africa in search of better opportunities – contemporary or new diaspora.

dear nigeria

Dear Nigeria: Our Independence Day Stories

Dear Nigeria, I come bearing gifts as you mark yet another year to celebrate your freedom Freedom from the shackles of colonialism From the chains of oppression From the shadows of divisions Division of work, one may think but that’s not it. You celebrate your disentanglement from the shadows of division, that which held you …

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