Tribe Conversations : How We Relieve Stress During A Writing Phase

Zoltan: Good evening Tribesmen. I hope we’re all doing fine?
So, I was wondering, how do you guys relieve stress after extended periods of reading/writing? Let’s go guys!! I really wanna hear from you.

Emmaxyma: I play football or listen to Asa‘s songs

Zoltan: Ouuuu. An Asa fan

Olutosin: I sleep. ASAP

Albert: The occasional sip of wine or whiskey depending on my mood plus a workout to release tension in my muscles.

Zoltan: Elite relaxation techniques. Forever a classic.

Albert: Haha.

Emmaxyma: Asa has always been an inspiration

Peace: Close the book. Rant about writing, tell myself I am not reading for the next week. And just pick a good book to read.

Zoltan: Very, very interesting.
Anyone else who does the dishes to get calm?

Victoria: Haha.
For me, workout, I think? And I have never really thought about sipping a glass of wine, like Albert does. I may try it.

Zoltan: Work out also? This is surprising, coming from you, Victoria. Hehe.

Temitope: That’s a good one, Peace.

Peace: I know. I’m hopelessly devoted to it.

Monday Covenant: Most times I take a nap or eat and get back to it. I really don’t get tired.

Zoltan: You don’t get tired? Amazing. I’m impressed, really impressed.

Victoria: It’s not a real workout routine. I actually dance instead. I dance when I’m nervous about whatever I’m writing.

Zoltan: Oh whew. Now dancing is easier to imagine on you and I mean that in a good way, lol.

Victoria: When I don’t write, I read, listen or talk. There might be different systems but that’s really all that surrounds it.

How about you, dear reader? How do you get rid of stress when you write?

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