An Interview With The Tribesman Of The Week

Oluwalaanumi Blessings

The tribesmen community is a network where we as creatives, writers, readers, authors and artists share our stories and experiences. In this community,we run a weekly writing contest which is aimed
at building our tribesmen not just to become consistent writers, but to become exceptional writers.The winner of this contest is crowned the tribesman of the week.
Here is an interview with Mercy Ayobami Solomon, an amazing writer who emerged as the tribesman of the week. She is a student of in a reputable Nigerian university and a proud member of the tribesmen community.

Hello creative! Congratulations on your success as the tribesman of the week. It’s nice meeting you. I am really delighted to have you here.

Hello miss. I’m happy to be here too.

My name is Oluwalaanumi Blessings.I am a writer and a tribe advocate

It’s nice meeting you, Blessings.

Let’s start with a formal introduction. We want to know who this amazing writer is?

My name is Solomon Mercy Ayobami.
Pseudonym – Ayobami

If I trace this name, which of the Nigerian states or African countries will I find myself in?


Wow! Awesome. You are Ghanaian? Isn’t Ayobami a Yoruba name?

Yes, it is actually. My dad is a Ghanaian, and mum is from Oyo state in Nigeria.

This is very interesting. Why did you choose Ayobami as your pseudonym?

It reminds me of my maternal grandmother. She gave me the name.

Could you please tell us the meaning of Ayobami?

I am blessed with Joy.

If you were as to describe Mercy in five words, what would you say?

She is calm, caring, intelligent, focused and friendly.

Would you say you’ve always been a writer?

No. I started writing after I joined the Tribesmen community.

Are you serious?

Yes, ma’am

So why did you join the community in the first place?

To see, read and enjoy other people’s works.

This is really exciting. You mean your quest to enjoy other people’s work led you to creating yours?


How did you start writing then?

I fell in love with Agwaze Gift Naomi’s ( writeups. I kept following her till I started writing on my own.

Wow! Naomi’s works trigged the writer in you?

Yes. A lot of people did too. But Naomi inspired me and made me write on my own.

For how long would you say you’ve been writing now?

I have been writing for about five months now.

It means you started during the lockdown?


Mercy, this is absolutely intriguing.

Thank you.

Can you describe your journey in the writing space?

It has been awesome. Writing provides me with an avenue to think deeply and it gives me a platform to express myself.

Have you faced any challenges so far?

Yes. It causes headaches at times. You know that feeling of trying to express something, but finding it a little difficult. You’re like “No this is not it yet”. It can be stressful at times.

What stimulates/ inspires you to write?

Pictures. I love writing out pictures. My mistakes and hurts inspire me too.

What will you like to tell writers who are discouraged at the moment?

The same thing I will tell myself. Be calm and stay focused.

Did you ever see yourself emerging as the tribesman of the week?

Not at all. I didn’t even know I was a nominee until someone told me.

How did you feel when you were announced as the winner?

I was excited. A smile was stuck to my face.

Can you describe the tribesmen community briefly?

They built up a girl called “Ayobami“. They helped me learn a lot .

Has the community influenced you in any way? If yes, please describe the impact.

Yes. The community has improved my reading abilities and has inspired me to share my opinions with people. I love the community.

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