February: The Realization of Sankofa

For us on the tribe, February means more than a month to love and live. It means restoring family by taking time to revisit the past season and create measures to choose the best way forward.
This month the tribe team will take a step back to focus on in-house activities. We would need your help to make this season work.

What you can expect from us

• Usual but not so consistent content delivery.

• Beautifully crafted articles as usual.

• Reengineering and replanning strategic points in the tribe.

• Recruitment of new team members

• Opportunity for monthly themed contributions.

What you shouldn’t expect from us.

Our community managers; they will be taking some time to rest.
Editing space; we are working on building ourselves to be better.
Community engagement; this will now be moderated by tribesmen.
Featured posts by tribesmen will be taking a break.

While we are away, we will connect our present to our past to foresee our future.
We hope to rest well enough to give you our best.


Call for Submissions!

TVO TRIBE presents an open call for articles, poems, personal accounts, photos, etc on the community’s theme for March:


This is to give African creatives the opportunity to express themselves about the recent turn of events in the African political space. All contributors are therefore required to submit works that relate to this theme.

Amanda gorman image

Amanda Gorman – The Hill we Climb

“When day comes we step out of the shade,
aflame and unafraid
The new dawn blooms as we free it
For there is always light,
if only we’re brave enough to see it
If only we’re brave enough to be it.”

Read Amanda Gorman’s inauguration poem.


Poet Laureate Interviews: Meet Temitope Komolafe

I am Temitope Komolafe, a student of Medicine and Surgery in University of Ibadan. I am a very spiritual person and I believe God is and should be the integral factor in life. I write and specialize in screenwriting. I love reading and am very open to learning from everything because I have come to discover that the more we know, the more we discover how much we don’t know


Poet Laureate Interviews 2020: Meet Salim Yunusa

Tell us more about you?

Salim Yunusa is a content creator, a bilingual writer and translator. He’s the founder of the literary organization, Poetic Wednesdays Initiative and a Co-Founder of a national NGO, Project Grassroots Nigeria (PGN). He graduated from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria with a Bachelor’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning. He’s pursuing his MSc in Disaster Risk Management Studies from the same institution.

Several of his creative pieces have been published by Daily Trust, ASIRI magazine, The Art-Muse Fair, PIN, NorthernLife, Tribesmen Review, Writers Space, DesignWorld Magazine, The Campus Watch, and several anthologies.

He was a finalist for Michael Afenfia and TVO Tribe competitions. He is also longlisted for the 2020 Aminiya Trust Hausa Short Story Competition.

Salim is currently working on his debut poetry collection, From The Potter’s Kiln.

How long have you been writing for?

I’ve been writing for nearly all my life. When other boys picked balls and girls picked skipping ropes, I picked up pens and papers. Though, I only became serious with writing around 2016.

What was the first thing you thought of when you saw the ad for the contest?

I was like, this is cool. It’s something I may enter. I didn’t enter though, until the last day.

What does Sankofa mean to you?

Sankofa represents yearnings of every black man, woman and child in knowing their roots and filling in the gaps, gaps caused by colonialism and slavery. It is of paramount importance that we all know where we are coming from. Knowing our roots; knowing how deep and wide those roots seeped in this vast stretch of space called earth would give everyone a sense of pride and belonging.

Tell us about your entry.

Musings of Mama Africa is a poem that started as a feeling, not a thought. It was something that I have always felt but lacked the words to perfectly describe.

In the poem, Africa is a woman who yearns for all her children; the ones stolen and dragged across the Atlantic and the ones pillaged right here. Being the Mother of Civilization, she has seen all and known all. Despite the carnage done to her, she still is very proud of her children and hopes that one day, they will return home to a grand homecoming.

Did you have any challenges in writing your piece?

I don’t really remember because I wrote the piece back in 2017. So, I actually dusted it off and made few corrections.

What is the future of literature in Africa?

The future of literature in Africa is now. We’re seeing how powerful and important the voices of people – young people – are in shaping our continent today. With a lot of young people embracing the arts and Literature as a means of expression, the future is vast and endless.

What does being a tribesman mean to you, and how do you think being part of a community will influence African literature?

Being a tribesman is nice; it means I’m not alone and I’m part of something bigger than myself; which is all we all ultimately hope for. Being part of any literary community gives one a sense of belonging and responsibility, just like one would in any family. It is our job to spread the gospel and make that change right from the grassroots

Sound bite, anyone?

Read Salim’s entry here!

See how to vote here!


Poet Laureate Interviews 2020: Meet Uche Balogun

Tell us more about you?

I’m currently a student of the Nigerian Law School; I’m a book reviewer and a creative writer. I am also a volunteer.

Not so fun fact: I’m shortsighted and can be very cynical.

How long have you been writing for?

I’ve been writing since primary school. I found some things I wrote many years ago and I was horrified.

What was the first thing you thought of when you saw the ad for the contest?

I thought that I’d better send in my submission fast because I discovered the contest on the day of the deadline.

What does Sankofa mean to you?

To me, Sankofa means we cannot know who we are without knowing where we come from.

Tell us about your entry.

My entry is a science fiction short story, set sometime in the future, in Nigeria. It came to me in a dream.

Did you have any challenges in writing your piece?

Since the idea came to me in a dream, the only difficulty was getting myself to put pen to paper (metaphorically, because I actually typed it on my phone, and edited it on my laptop).

What is the future of literature in Africa?

I don’t know but I hope the future of literature in Africa is diversity, inclusivity and cultural pride.

What does being a tribesman mean to you, and how do you think being part of a community will influence African literature?

The thing about being part of a community is that I have a responsibility not to take my writing for granted and to do better. I think this is how it influences African literature, by making us aware of our responsibility.

Sound bite, anyone?

Read Uche’s entry here

See how to vote here!

voting 2-01

Poet Laureate 2020: The Voting Process

Read the shortlisted entries here!

– Visit TVOTRIBE’s Twitter page (@thevictoriaocom) through the voting poll link. This link would also be sent to entrants via email.

– Vote using the poll and leave a comment on your preferred entrant.

– To increase an entrant’s chances of winning you can also leave a comment on the shortlisted entrant’s post on Instagram.

– Please note: all votes after 11:59 PM WAT, Mon 18th January, 2021 will be disqualified.

– Congratulations in advance, Tribesman!

poet laureate shortlist

Announcing Poet Laureate 2020 – The Shortlist!

Poet Laureate (since 2018) is a literary competition that seeks to compensate and endorse creativity within Africa and by Africans. With help from a roundtable number of sponsors and partners, Poet Laureate 2020 has been able to reach and receive entries from African writers within and across Africa.

This year we had a very strong margin and it was exceptionally hard reading through and revising the bulk of creative entries. Your works created infinite memories in our minds and we have seen Africa in an overwhelming light.

In a bid to compensate our entrants in every possible way, we would release the first Poet Laureate Anthology containing all your heart sourced entries to share with readers across Africa. This anthology would be available on various literary platforms and can be downloaded on our website.

This shortlist in no way defines the credibility of your art and should be seen as a drive to fasten your loins.

Shortlisted Entrants and Entry Titles.

What a Dream! – God’s-Treasure Ayodele

Mama – Esther Mbabie


Mide Is a Good Girl – Azeeza Adeowu

THE BODY – Uche Balogun

FEAR – Bamidele Olakunle

Musings of Mama Africa – Salim Yunusa

– Mirage of Ages – Ogunkeye Tobi

All shortlisted entrants should be available for an interview with Editors from the Poet Laureate Team and further details might be required as they proceed with this competition.

Voting would be announced shortly.

Goodluck, Tribesmen!


november theme

November: Why African Narratives Change

TVO TRIBE presents an open call for articles, poems, personal accounts, photos, etc on the community’s theme for November;

 Why African Narratives Change.

This is a pursuance to see the evolutionary nature and design of African stories and Storytellers.

All contributors are therefore required to submit works that relate to this theme.


We accept submissions in the following categories:

• Articles/Essays – 1,200 Words maximum

• Flash Fiction – 300 words maximum

• Poetry – 1 poem, a maximum of 24 lines

• Children’s Literature – 700 words maximum

• Short Stories – 1,500 words maximum 

• You’re allowed to submit to one category only.

• Please include TITLE and CATEGORY in your submission.

• The submission window is open till the 25th of November, 2020

• Ensure that your submission is properly edited before submitting it.

• Our editors will revert to selected unpublished writers on areas of improvement in their work.

• Due to the number of entries we receive, only selected authors will be on our website.

• The author retains copyright.

• Your work must be thoroughly edited before being uploaded. We will in turn edit selected entries to suit the publication.

• We ONLY accept works by members of our writer’s community (join us).

• We ONLY accept MS word documents.

• To get an insight on how our previous featured articles look like, click here

Submit to:

Deadline: 25th November, 2020.