Ademuyiwa Ayodeji – Political Sodom and Gomorrah

Political Sodom and Gomorrah

A land of Kakistocracts and Gerontacrats

Where corruption-induced poverty rages

With brimstone and fire

The economy burns to ashes 

Embers of chaos, and security is aflame

The society in the wildfire of anarchy

Yet, the rampaging APes wouldn’t cease

Lootings, extrajudicial shootings and killings

Still, they want to seize power, again

They seek and want to hold on to it blindly

Bats who thrive in an unholy darkness

We will labour to better the realm

Our campaigns and votes against evils 

Would not peter out

Let the Dove soar in its untainted glory

As we illuminate the night against the Bat

The Vulture keeps hovering northward

While the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Would be separated by the votes of our labours

As we rock the Good to victory

We end political and economic misery

Shouldn’t the time be now?

About The Author

Ademuyiwa Ayodeji: A being- surviving and living through life’s continuum- of endless refinement and continuous improvement. This is a journey; I doubt it has an end.

Twitter handle: @TheCodeMe

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