Gift Olaleye – Dear Superheroes


Explosions and chaos span the globe from superpowers.

In the future, our heroes from the past become tyrants,

Pooltroonically pertinacious in irascible exertion of power,

Apocalypse beckons, and our superheroes grow termagant.

Wolverine, ferocious and vicious, unleashes his rage,

An explosion of ire, calling out beasts from the cage,

Tempest resumes duty to take over the world,

Zorro counters egocentrically with his sword.

Jean Grey assailing web-slinging Peter Parker,

With Lex Luthor conniving with Princess Diana,

Bones corrode bones, as plots corrode plots,

Clashes of ego occupy the number one spot.

The Hulk shows up with his muscle expanded,

The Fantastic Four got him all surrounded,

Batarang blasting continuously,

As Smallville is destroyed horrendously.

Decepticons align props with Optimus Prime,

Tearing up the city with its proliferated crime,

Cyclops opticals blowing holes through buildings,

With a fine shot, the mortals are dwindling.

Thor’s hammer causes universal mayhem,

From Mars, Biker Mice claims crême de la crême,

and Hercules appears proudly riding his pegasus,

Outwitting the lightning bolts by overthrowing Zeus.

Professor X. the known mutant hound

Can be seen wave-tracking brains to pound,

Captain America, Avatar and Iron Man,

Face off with Tarzan, Flash and Green Lantern.

Zeta in metamorphosis can be found in,

As Clark Kent leaps over obstacles in a single bound,

Gotham City, with remains of ruined building structures,

Silver Hawks are dormant in splits and fractures.

Head to head, our superheroes collide,

With their common goal, serenity pushed aside,

The Justice League movement is destroyed in stride,

As our heroes set out to bruise their pride.

About The Author

Gift Emmanuel Olaleye is a writer whose thoughtful poems cut across boundaries, published or forthcoming in Cultural Reverence, WordsRhymes&Rhythms, Spillwords and elsewhere. Olaleye’s literary accolades include the 2015 ‘Noble Pen Award’ by Doveslines Publication House and the ‘Poet of the Year 2021’ by Eternal Flames. He was also long-listed for the 2020 ‘African Writers Award 2020’. 

Olaleye can be reached on Twitter and Instagram via @olaleye_gift & @olaleye_gift_emmanuel.

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