Logain Ali – Maybe God Is A Black Woman

Maybe God Is A Black Woman

And as a child

I descend to a world who prays for magical powers

They riddle their tongues intentional in their wishes,

soft in their curses, in their hums, and through white smog they blow

Into snapping sparks that grant them true

And women who dress desire of self-pleasure

Dance in pockets and circus 

To drums that loop and against the Zarr beats, silhouettes of swans paint waves.

On a night sky already half filled with ululations summoning spirits from worlds 

Who in ascension                        


Loliya Al Habasheya  extends            her feathers sensually swaying    all her problems adrift


                 Balali  lips her cigarette to light

 and blows the smoke carrying laughter home to the ears of sweet lovers 

Here,                                                        here

                                     and here   khawajja  

Here they slough a life unfit

a sword pierces one of the swans blinding my eyes shut with redness,

in frown my eyebrows tend and in the silence of that power 

After spelling five almost four times

I spy rejoiced faces 


there are no wounds and gore can f*ck off frankly

They bathe in perfume and rope euphoria for curtain 

Here, women are fearless

Then there were evils who contrived dark energies

There was no intercession, not a line between them and    God

that feed on fears, poverty and greed

They stomped on their graves of misfortune

For a people that would frequent them at dusk, and just before dawn

On Wednesdays and Sundays, for Forty days

To separate husband and wife, To curse man and woman, To bide and tie them

And so, as a child

Sublime filial duties dictated protection from all evil

Treasure hunt retrievals of runes covered in dust

Behind larger than life cupboards 

And latched in the crevices between their fingers

She would rinse it with the Nile and whisper to me 

قُل لَّن يُصِيبَنَآ إِلَّا مَا كَتَبَ ٱللَّهُ لَنَا – nothing will befall us except that which is destined

Put your trust in Allah

Logain is an educator, writer and poet. She believes in the impactful power of words and loves how poetry springs worlds to explore. Logain finds solace in poetic expression through which she relays issues of gender, politics and identity. She is honoured to share her work with you, even more so through her favourite literary platforms. You can find her on IG @lujainofalltrades. 

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