Paul Chiwude Iwunwa – Water Pikin

Water Pikin

A thick fog is shivering on ocean glide,

On Olokun’s splash roars the rising tide,

Trailing are footpaths of her journeyed seas,

Flowing past sleepy streams and dancing trees.

Only thunder nature’s vigilante screech,

“Curse be the guardians if I allow this breach,

Laws and sanity must transcend our stake,

And by no circumstance shall you break,

The codes that exalt mortals from marines,

Entering and leaving as pleased, your rings,

And resting on the motherly bed called earth,

Whose calabash is an oyster of mirth,

From where a telepathic embryo joins

Birth clinics tied to Mami waters loins.

Thus, if the rivers are seclusive to abide alone,

With the vessels too fragile to own,

Seek the anthills where Ala reigns,

For yours is forever a bat to no realm”.

About The Author

Paul Chiwude Iwunwa writes from Lagos, Nigeria. He’s a poet, actor, philanthropist and social justice advocate. A marketing and communications specialist during the day, Paul burns the midnight oil to enrich the poetic landscape with his words and rhymes at night. His works have been published on several Nigerian and international platforms. His published chapbook “The Miners” explores Nigeria’s socio-political dynamics. Paul can be found on Twitter @pauliwunwa and Instagram at @paul_iwunwa.

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