Rebirth – Nomonde Sky

Here I am,
Back in this realm.
I’ve been here before, the same thing in my hand,
Filled with God’s intentions for my life.
But as I grow each year, they go foggy.

It worsened when I began talking,
My tongue slid to the back of my brain,
And wiped out conversations,
I had stored it with my creator.

It got bitter when I started walking,
I ran away from my true self,
Chasing rippled reflections in burning water,
Waters aimed at destroying my cool.

I had to go silent,
I had to remain still,
I had to call out my identity back to my reach,
And that’s where I fetched a new birth date.

Born again without my mother this time,
Nature was to nurture me.
My wounds grew bigger and all they could feed on was salt,
I ran to the sea to bathe my sins and recover the blanket;
The one the universe knitted for me for days like these.

The first breath after remembering why I am,
After recalling who I am,
The movie played in my mind fuelled by electric currents
That saw my nostrils give up blood clots,
Clots I collected sniffing flowers that weren’t for my celebration.

I rose,
Opened my palms again
And there resting –my life’s love letter;
”You’re healed, re-created, remember why…”

My white cloak was cleansed,
By the prayers, my grandmother kept tied to my doll’s hair.
Now, I’m born anew,
Being reborn daily, to inspire a better you.

About the Author:

Nomonde sky is a poet from Tembisa, Gauteng.

Nomonde began her poetic journey at the early age of 14 and hasn’t looked back. With a history of public speaking and rapping, it was only fair she ventures into the poetic scene. Her style of performing differs mostly from her written pieces. In her performances or uploaded homemade videos, Nomonde takes pride in what are mostly freestyles that gravitate towards social discomfort and trending hashtags, giving people the feeling that she’s the “girl next door you can relate to and offload your burdens on“. Her written pieces are more of a deeper shade of what her mind often concludes about love, peace, the future and herself. These pieces are taken mostly as diary inscriptions the world can see. All of these can be accessed through the internet, giving her the title of modern-day poet and her following agrees with the statement. For more on her work, you may visit her YouTube channel: For her written pieces you may visit her Instagram: nomonde_sky.

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