Wole Soyinka at 86: Eulogies, the stuff of legends!

Wole Soyinka
Wole Saw
Wole Survived
Wole is a Savior
Wole is Scintillating
Wole is Strong
Wole is never shy
Wole is sophisticated
Wole is smart
Wole is 86 and still spry.

By Timilehin Oworu Führer. For Wole Soyinka

An Eulogy For The God of Pen

How can one suckle from the breasts of philosophy,
and still be mentally malnourished?,

I heard you’re one of the greatest
Prophet of knowledge,
Do anoint me with your words of
It’s a gift to properly dress me with
The naked cloth of words.

When English came through, with deceptive eye scanning us, with lust written all over it,
In her offer lay our misery,
“For we were just illiterates in
Our father’s school”,
All thanks to Soyinka,
Our culture would have gone in shame.

You gave the pen your sword,
And fought with your patience well armed,
Tyranny could have survived
But injustice died a martyr.

And while they still call you dumping names,
Wink to your weeping heart,
Knowing their Gods cannot make heaven,
But your devil will,
Gbogbo Mofe dogun mofe dogbon won,
Everything ends here,
So what’ll be left in this world that
One will be immortal?,
But losing a kind like Soyinka is a
Big loss to the world…

By Abiola Akintunde For Wole Soyinka

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