1967 – Quist Miracle

The screams of my mother were etched in her loins
As she bore the pain of being a victim,
A victim of war;
Of the consequences of man’s darkness over his kin.

Having to leave her home before it became
A burial ground for bombs, shards & echoes…
Echoes that ring now in my ears remind me
That I was born from pain, sweat, blood & tears.

Of a past that Ma wore for a thousand moons
Before I became.
So when Ma gave birth to a collection of memories
Wrapped in little skin & bones, called me, all I ever felt,
Were echoes from a past of broken dreams.

Yet, she says I remind her of hope;
Anytime she looks into my eyes,
She believes she can dream again.
We can still dream again.

About the Author:

Miracle Quist is a young Nigerian undergraduate of the Federal University of Technology, Akure with a penchant for poetry as well as music and the arts. He spends most time writing about love as he believes it to be the foundation of the entire human race. He lives in the city of Ibadan along with his parents, cat (Ellie) and dog (Captain Roger). When he is not writing poetry, you would find him listening to some beautiful music and watching movies. Facebook: Quist Miracle
Twitter: miracle_quist
Instagram: miracle_quist

1 thought on “1967 – Quist Miracle”

  1. The wordplay in 1967 is nothing short of sweet. I was transported to a time where I was able to relive the story in the poem! Indeed the power of words is exemplified in poems such as this.

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