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Gift Olaleye – Dear Superheroes

Gift Emmanuel Olaleye is a writer whose thoughtful poems cut across boundaries, published or forthcoming in Cultural Reverence, Words Rhymes & Rhythms, Spill words and elsewhere. Olaleye’s literary accolades include the 2015 ‘Noble Pen Award’ by Doveslines Publication House and the ‘Poet of the Year 2021’ by Eternal Flames. He was also long-listed for the 2020 ‘African Writers Award 2020’. 

How To Balance Life Responsibilities With Creative Inclinations

For the purpose of this article, the responsibilities of balancing being creative and having a regular job would be explored. Even though it is often agreed that finding any form of balance would always be a lifelong process of learning, relearning and unlearning, there are ways we can ensure more productivity and less burnout as a ‘working creative’.