Cocoa Butter And Vanilla : Poetry With Zoltan

You smell of cocoa butter and vanilla.
I know because I’ve held you in my arms
Although never as a lover.
It’s funny how I know almost every detail about you
But absolutely nothing that counts
And everytime I say ‘bye’, the winds scorn my folly
For my pain affects their wings
“Tell the girl”, they whisper
“You never know what she’ll say”

But your blood flows for another.
And as my soul blisters, your smile widens
When you speak his name
For he also smells like cocoa butter and vanilla
And believe me, I’m sorry.
This wasn’t the plan
But you can only get so close to the sun
And expect a mere tan.

But be that as it may,
Maybe you still deserve to know
So I’m here again
But before I find any words to say,
“Hey, best friend” fills my ears again
And as you lean in for a hug,
I think “Probably next time”
But for now, I’ll just stick around.
Maybe one day, I’ll smell like cocoa butter and vanilla


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