By: Oluwalaanumi Blessing

Hello, tribesmen! We had an interview with the tribesman of the week, Akintunde Abiola, also known as ‘The Evelz story’. He is a member of tribesmen
community and also a final year student of Political science in the prestigious University of Ibadan and he emerged the tribesman of week in our weekly writing contest.

The tribesmen community is a network of creatives, writers, readers, authors and
artists who share their stories and experiences. Here we run a weekly writing contest which is aimed at building our tribesmen not just to become consistent writers, but to become exceptional writers. The winner of this contest is crowned the tribesman of the week.
I had a beautiful moment with Akintunde. You want to be a part of this moment? Then, stay with me.

Hello, I am Oluwalaanumi Blessings, a Tribe Advocate
I am star struck right now. I’m chatting with the tribesman of the week!

Hello! I’m pleased to meet you.
It is my first time hearing that name, what a beautiful one.

Thank you sir. I’ll be asking you some questions and I’ll appreciate it if you will be as responsive as possible.

Alright ma, you can please.

When did you start writing?

Many years ago, I started writing in secondary school. Then I was one of the best student in literature and my passion for literature was what actually piqued my interest in writing.

Wow, beautiful !
So you have always been a celebrity?

That is if you say so. I’m just aspiring to be.

What inspires you to write?

This is a question I’ve answered lot of times.
They are lot of things that inspires a writer. Many believe it is the beautiful things happening around only, but my case here is different.
There is actually someone. She’s the reason why I write. She’s my inspiration and my story.

Can you briefly describe her? Is she fictious or real?

She’s real.The best thing that can ever happen to a man.

What’s your advice to upcoming writers?

Believe in the power of your pen and the positivity to have a penchant for goodness.
Second is consistency, most of us are lazy, just too lazy to write. It is not easy actually, because most times readers do not encourage writers. Nevertheless,don’t stop writing.
Also, believe in what you can become, don’t be too desperate about what you haven’t become. Just keep believing, you’ll get there.

What does winning the tribesman of the week feel like?

It is something I wasn’t expecting. It happened and I was intrigued and justified as a writer because I’ve always wanted something to my name so I can preach to the puddled ears of other writers and give them reasons why they shouldn’t stop writing. Tribesman of the week is something I’ll always remember. I just have this special feeling for the Tribe.

How has your membership in the tribesmen community influenced your writing?

The best feeling is being in a place where you’re appreciated and recognized, irrespective of whom you are or where you come from.
In the Tribesmen community, every one has a sense of belonging and this is really
encouraging.We have oodles of good writers that are really inspiring.
It is actually an open community where all intending writers should belong to, they won’t regret it.

Thank you so much for your time.
I had a beautiful moment with you.
We wish you much more wins.
Have a successful life.

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