7 African French Authors You Should Know

African French writers are serving up hot stuff and we thought you should meet some of them.

1. Alain Mabanckou – Congo.
Alain Mabanckou is a novelist, journalist, poet, and academic, a French citizen born in the Republic of the Congo, he is currently a Professor of Literature at UCLA. He is best known for his novels and non-fiction writing depicting the experience of contemporary Africa and the African diaspora in France.

If you were to meet your favorite author, what would you tell them? – by Tribesmen.

WhatsApp tribe.

Community Manager (Zoltan): Good evening Tribesmen!! 

If you were to meet your Favorite Author , who would that be and what would you say to them?? 

(Put the name first and your epistle), we would be sharing this and tagging them! Let’s do this! 

Victoria: Hmm 

Dear Wole Soyinka, 

I have so many questions for you! 

Lol, but most importantly. I want to ask, are you human? 

Please be sincere. 

Thank you!

Numéro: Fantasy :

Patrick Rothfuss – When will you write and publish that f***king third book already?!

Science Fiction 

Asimov : Did the robots get you truly? They say it was Aids but we _know,_ the truth, don’t we? 

Horror :

Stephen King : Can you just have a bad book already? 

African Lit : 

Chigozie Obioma : Untrammelled. Why you like that word sef? 

Lola Shoneyin, the author of stay with me, Obioma

And my Nigerian Idol El Nathan John! 

Hammid: NGUGI WA THIONGO is pure.

Tobechukwu: Ms Adiche. I met her already and I was too star struck to ask when she was writing her next novel.

Peace: Chinua Achebe : how? Why? When? Where? 

Wole Soyinka  : Sir, could you please try to make your books easier to swallow on the first read? 🌝

Chimamanda Adichie : go girl! That said, can I stay with you for a week? 

Sarah J Maas : you’re just extra! 

Mbok, my authors are plenty. Lemme stop here.


Chimamanda Adichie

How come you’re so exceptional?

Amma Darko

How do you it? You express your characters like you wore their shoes?

Prof. Wole Soyinka

What? Who exactly are you?

 Tomi Adeyemi

 You are a magic.



Second- Class citizen was written by Nigerian author, Florence Onyebuchi Emecheta, better known as BuchiEmecheta. Most people are familiar with her book, The Joys of Motherhood. The novel was originally published in London in 1974 and was published the following year in the USA. The book may be called a novella as it has 174 pages. It is often regarded as a semi-autobiographical work and was later published in one volume, together with the author’s other book, The Bride Price.

Logical Progressions in Writing- Sequel to Tips on Writing for beginners.

Gathering and Arranging researched information for representation in an article might come in easy for some people, but for some of us, it might not come in that easy.
Every essay or article should gradually present the points of the author in a logical and reasonable sense and most of the time in sober articles, I found out that the author actually had a point but lost focus in presenting it reasonably for the audience. So I decided to help. How?
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Tips on Writing for Beginners!

Topic Angle: If you are given a topic for an article or any write-up whatsoever, your subject should take a particular angle of expression, which you are supposed to find before doing your research. Why? So there