7 Platforms For Mental Health Help

7 Platforms that can Improve your Mental Health as an African Creative.

The world of work and everything connected to it has been significantly impacted by COVID-19. Three years later, we are still grappling with the effects and aftermath of the pandemic and other local and international political dynamics that continue to cause a ripple effect around the globe. 

Also, the information overload from various social media platforms may affect your mental health and wellness. These are some platforms available that could be tremendously helpful: 

Headspace: This app helps with sleep, and meditation helps to reduce the effects of everyday anxiety. You can include short clips of voice recordings by yourself and other people. For creatives who are sceptical about meditation and its practice, this is an app that you can try to ease you into beginning this practice.

Asads.ei (Anti-suicide and depression squad): as the name implies, this platform is available as asads.ei on Instagram and Twitter; they help their clients to overcome the end stages of depression (suicide) and depression itself before the thoughts become morbid. They are a free platform and can help hold your hand through very dark times. 

PTSD Coach: this app provides information on trauma and post-traumatic experience and survival for individuals trying to overcome the aftereffects of trauma.  

MANI: Mentally Aware Nigeria Initiative: while MANI has yet to launch an app officially, it works with a model that helps you seek psychological first aid when filling out a form on their social media platform. You get to speak to counsellors via chat therapy for a few sessions. They could also help with referrals to other professionals.

Stop Breathe Think: available on both iOS and Google Play stores, this app helps with mindfulness practice, including giving prompts during the day to be grateful, pause, and be present. Its approach is compassion-based and beginner friendly.

Nguvu Health: This is an online app available to Nigerians from as low as 3000 for chat therapy weekly to NGN100,000 per annum for its subscription. Video Therapy sessions also exist for these clients.

Nostos Therapy: At Nostos Therapy, you get to speak with a therapist by booking a session on their website at nostostherapy.org, either virtually or in person. Their sessions help to clarify various aspects of mental distress from issues such as figuring out existentialism, self-esteem, depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders. You can also help your organisation or friends with group therapy at a standardized, affordable rate. 

You can get educational content on therapy from the Nostos Therapy blog.

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