Tribe Conversations: How Our Faith Affects Our Writing

Zoltan: Good evening Tribesmen!! As Africans, our faith usually plays a major role in how we live and interact with the outside world so I want to ask, how exactly does your faith affect your writing?

Victoria: Hi
So I feel like Faith is a major part of your life as a writer. You always try to express yourself and communicate perfectly to all forms of religion, without bias and still communicate your beliefs. However, it’s an individual based decision to imbibe your faith in your writing.

Emmaxyma: For me my writings always have imprints of my belief in God. I also think everyone has the right to choose what they believe but above all I think it is insane for anyone not to believe there’s a supreme being. Whatever the name is “Allah, God, Jehovah, Olodumare” etc. Whenever I write or anyone writes, I believe we are just tapping from God’s river of wisdom. Their inspiration is just a drop of what the Supreme Being has given them.

Favour Eido: Why do you think so?

Emmaxyma:Which part please? Do you mean the part where I said it’s insane?

Favour Eido: Yes.

Emmaxyma: The universe has a lot in it . I don’t believe that everything is not controlled by someone somewhere.

Favour Eido:Alright then. Let’s not digress from the main thing.

Zoltan: Hmmm. True. Do you think it sometimes reflects in how we write? Unintentionally? How we think? The kind of ideas we have and what not?

Peace: Faith. This is a huge one. When I write, I don’t try to impose my beliefs on the reader. I’d rather that they think long and hard on the subtle themes that are woven into the story and wonder if it fits their ideals of whatever they think Faith should be, or whom they believe in.
Faith, however restricts what we write about, in a way. And sometimes, it’s necessary.

Victoria: Yes it does. Whatever you spend time doing reflects in your life.


Princeton: I couldn’t agree less.

Albert: Well I don’t actually try to actively let my Faith influence my writing, although it happens subconsciously and once in a while. I prefer to allow my principles and values to be expressed in my writing so as to allow my readers to try to see things from a different point of view.
I have come to the conclusion that religion tends to be a very delicate topic to bring up and often times brings more tension than peace in some cases.

Peace : Hmm. True.

Zoltan: Very delicate indeed.

Albert: Although my principles and values are a result of my religion and personal experiences, they can be explained in a humane or more human way than bringing in the Divine.

Catherine: Yes… I agree

Becca: Since my mouth (writings now) is to speak of excellent things, my faith definitely will affect my writing. However, it is to be done with wisdom. I believe you don’t need to mention Jesus to preach Jesus. Your faith also affects your beliefs and your beliefs in the same vein affects your writing. What is important is being practical, evaluating facts and still not ruling your faith out.
Good evening people.

Zoltan: Aye. Well said

Victoria: So you can translate your faith into a more tuned down version?

Testimony: As a writer, you definitely shouldn’t impose your faith on people through your writing. Everyone has the freewill to believe what they want. Moreover it is not possible to entirely cut away your beliefs. They will definitely manifest in your writings but when they do please let them be in a neutral manner.
Anyway, I’ll say that you could employ Paul Coelho’s style used in ‘The Alchemist’. A perfect blend of different religion,magic and different schools of thought.

Desmond: I draw out my ideas and content from my Faith because it is a part of me but since I am not writing a devotional I don’t portray my belief, I leave my audience to decide. People are influenced by what they read too!

Blessings: This is a very sensitive one. The truth is that there is rarely a thing called “freewill”when it comes to faith. Everyone’s belief is shaped by something, be it circumstance,religion or experience.
For me my faith is my life and it reflects in all that I do including my writings, knowing fully well that my words are capable of shaping someone’s beliefs just as that of so many has shaped mine. Yes, there are times my writing doesn’t look faith based, but the truth is the root of all I write lies in my faith.

What do you think?

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