Tribe Conversations : Don’t Leave Me Challenge

Jomiloju: Good evening, tribesmen.
So as stated already, today we’re having our “don’t leave me” challenge speciale. I want to give everyone freedom to express, so basically just let those creative juices flow. And as much as possible, let’s acknowledge quality content. It’s a game but it helps thinking.
That said, everyone.. Manifest

@⁨Warrior Bride👸🏾 : I have an hen that has a chick. If I picked the chick and put it by my side; does that make it SIDE CHICK?

@⁨Henny Joe: I have a book and I want to let it out, does that make it BOOKLET?

@⁨i_divine: If I have a shoe, and I put it in my car; does that give me CASHEW?

@⁨wanualom : I am dancing during break time. Is that BREAK DANCE?

@⁨i_divine : If I see a fork, and I lift it; does that give me a FORKLIFT?

@⁨i_divine : If I wear a suit, and I jump; does that give me a JUMPSUIT?

@⁨Berry🖤🖤: If one of my family member and I are aboard a ship…does that put us in a RELATION-SHIP?

@⁨AANUTOMIWA 🔥✍🌍: I went to Yinka’s house to show him what I wrote, his mom was at the door so she told me WOLE SHOYINKA.

@⁨Jesulayomi : If my goal is to wear a high hat, does that mean my name is GOLIATH?

@⁨Oluwalonimi : I have a vision. Everyone said it is not ordinary; can you call me a VISIONARY?

Ojo Aderemi: I pulled a rabbit out of my hat. Can we call that a HAT TRICK?

@⁨Berry🖤🖤 : A fish that swallowed a cat, can we say it’s a CATFISH?

@⁨Warrior Bride👸🏾⁩ : Amaka friend zoned my friend . Does that make her AMAZON?

@⁨Berry🖤🖤: If I want to see Linda,does that make me a CYLINDER?

Anjie Olajide: Imagine, I was in the bathroom holding my sponge and suddenly the bulb gets burnt, does that make me SPONGEBOB?

@⁨Olutosin😊 : If my village chief put that corn on a stone. Does that make him the

@⁨Berry🖤🖤: If Theo strays at night…don’t you think THEOPHILUS?

@⁨AANUTOMIWA 🔥✍🌍 : I saw five ants on the floor, another five ants beside my wall. Does this make them TENANTS?

@⁨i_divine : If i have a vase, and I’m lean; does that mean I’m VASELINE?

@⁨i_divine: If her name is Joy, and she weeps; Can I say she has TEARS OF JOY?

@⁨Oluwalonimi : If she’s full of joy, and she has a stick; does that make her JOYSTICK?

@⁨TSC😇: I was walking on the street one day, and saw a pretty girl selling fish, discovered her name is Ruth, was about to walk up to her to buy, when this guy shouted NARUTO!
I realized I was stuck ; can we say FISHSTICKS?

@⁨i_divine : So Ruth is SELFISH???

@⁨Berry🖤🖤 : If Jason starts the car; can we say na JASON STATHAM?

Ojo Aderemi: I proposed a major change in military discount. It was generally accepted. Call me a Major General.

@⁨Berry🖤🖤: If a pregnant woman goes to the John, and gives birth to a boy, is that baby JOHNSON?

Anjie Olajide: If I like bones and I’m dry
Does that make me a DRYBONE?

@⁨Berry🖤🖤: I know Selena will fart, does that mean SELENA GÓMEZ?

@⁨i_divine : If I have a bowl, and I put it under the rain, can I call it a RAINBOW?

@⁨Berry🖤🖤: If a Yoruba girl sees Hannah,she would say “MO RIHANNA”
If we don’t want to be shamed, we would say “God no go SHEAMUS”
She was too proud, and finally fell. You see what DIEGO COSTA

@⁨Temiloluwa Oyeniyi: If I have a phone and I put it on a book, does that make it a PHONEBOOK?

Ojo Aderemi: We weren’t enjoying the sitcom, with its unending adverts.
Peter hissed and noted “that’s why the only products willing to sponsor them are toilet bleaches”
Is Peter saying they’re showing us shit?

Whew! Don’t leave me!!!!!!! Which ones were your favorites?

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