Tribe Conversations : Books We Wish We Had Written

Zoltan: Good evening Tribesmen. I want to ask a question and I think it’s something some of us might have thought about before. Which books do you really wish you had written? And if possible, why?

Tribesman 1: Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Adichie

Zoltan: Good choice. Is that your favourite novel anytime?

Tribesman 1: The writer beautifies the art of description and uses lots of adjectives. No, it is not.

Zoltan: Personally I’ll say ‘Roses Are Red‘ by James Patterson or ‘IT‘ by Stephen King. I’m waiting for more answers people.

Peace: ‘IT‘ That book was totally amazing!

Zoltan: Amazing book.
The movie even toned down some things

Zoltan: What’s yours?

Peace: Well, it’s a hard choice. There are so many books. But I wish I had written ‘The Kite Runner‘ by Khaled Hosseini and ‘A Woman Is No Man‘ by Etaf Rum.

Zoltan: Ouuu.. Anything particularly distinct about those ones?

Peace: The Kite Runner is set in Afghanistan before the Soviet occupation and the rise of the Taliban and the post Taliban period. I like how Hosseini explains loyalty, approval and shame in the book. And the plot twists are madddddd!
A Woman is No Man is a beauty. It explores femininity, the limits tradition place on the choices of the female and how your destiny is what you make of it. I love themes like that. And then, the descriptions are really vivid.

Tribesman 1: I love stories like this especially from the Middle East.

Zoltan: Ohhhhh.. Nice. Seems like you have great taste

Peace: Awwn! Thank you. We try our best.

Tessiemoney: ‘Tess of d’ubervilles’. It was the first novel I read. I was little when I read it and I really loved it. I can’t remember the diction vividly but I can still remember the plot. Tess was sent to work with someone whom she and her parents thought were relatives,ended up they only bore the same surname. She encountered a lot of things, bad things, and in the end she committed murder and was to be put to death. If I was given multiple choices I’d also say ‘The Alchemist‘ by Paulo Coelho

Tobechukwu Hubert: I’ll go for Americanah by Chimamanda Adichie. That story has a strong bearing on me. The themes and sub themes, especially the exploration of race and the realities of living in America. And of course, the allure of telling a controversial love story is too irresistible .

Zoltan: Wow. Tess of d’Ubervilles seems like there was a lot of character development in it. I think I’ll like to read it. It’s classic.

Tessiemoney: I hope you find it interesting and that you don’t shed a few tears.

Zoltan: Tears? Challenge accepted.

Olutosin: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I love that book for no reason.

Peace: I haven’t been able to bring myself to read it.

Olutosin : Whatever you do, read that book.

Zoltan: This message has been starred.

Peace : Who else feels like there are so many books in the world and we won’t get to read them all?

Olutosin : How come no one picked this book before me. Y’all haven’t read the book?

Peace: Hmmmm

Tobechukwu Hubert : I feel this way every time. I see many books written and I worry I can’t read them all

Peace: It’s heartbreaking.
When I check Amazon sometimes, I am struck by befuddlement.

Tobechukwu Hubert : Books are expensive too and my preference for African stories more so.

Peace : True. I just check out new authors and go somewhere else to get the books. I love African stories, especially stories centered around pan Africanism. But then I read anything from anywhere.

Tobechukwu Hubert : Same with me. I had stayed away from foreign authors for a larger part of 5years. I was and still is investing in reading stories about Africa and Nigeria.

VictoriaO: Hmm. I feel like most people already know whose book I’ll mention.

Peace: The Harry Potter series. The plot and description is apt. Whenever I read, I feel like I’m among the characters. I still cannot get my head around how J.K.Rowling put that up. I’d like to do better. Go fantasy!

VictoriaO: I love them too.

Hamid: I watched the movie and I got so obsessed with it.

And on that note, we have come to the end of the tribe conversation. We had a wonderful time, sharing thoughts and stickers too, lol. Subscribe to our blog for more amazing content! Join the tribesmen community!

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