Severed to be Chaste

Photo by: BBC

Severed to be Chaste || Soyoye Testimony Faith

Eerie images & hunting shadows,
of a moment, a dark past
a past resonating till eternity

I remember —
my screams, sadness, & tears
my fears, & pleadings that fell on deaf ears

I looked on to the face of Mother
my siblings, friends, & relatives urging me to smile
they said this was for the best,
but it is the best of worse things to come

My story —
talks of the burning ember of a ritual that needs to be quenched
a tale that needs to be buried
the tale; ” severed to be chaste.”

© Soyoye Testimony

Soyoye Testimony is a reader, writer, poet and a budding linguist. She has a flare for African literature and believes in preserving and promoting the African heritage.
She volunteers at TVO TRIBE and interns at Campus Community Network. She believes in being hardworking, disciplined and goal oriented. She is on Instagram @tessiemoney

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