Logical Progressions in Writing- Sequel to Tips on Writing for beginners.

By Victoria Olajide.

logical progressions in writing - victoria olajide

Gathering and Arranging researched information for representation in an article might come in easy for some people, but for some of us, it might not come in that easy. 

Every essay or article should gradually present the points of the author in a logical and reasonable sense and most of the time in sober articles, I found out that the author actually had a point but lost focus in presenting it reasonably for the audience. So I decided to help. How?

I decided to put down few Pre-Writing tips I use before I finally write down that article, these are;

Knowing your Routine

Writing is a Gradual process and like me, everyone as to gather information before expressing ( I explained this in my previous post on Tips on Writing for Beginners). However, It’s important you know your routine. 

My routine is more of a gradual revamp and rewrite, I gradually restore information on a topic after writing a blue print before rewriting the “correct researched outlook”. 

The Read and Write Timeline

After taking time to study for a week or more (depends on my target), I could have attained enough information to write for about 3 days. Within 3 days I could complete 5 articles (3 spontaneous, 2 Topics researched).

And even has I write them, I try to look through my research material over and over to avoid mistakes, because my memory might mix up particular information. 

Example; I read Tim Miller’s Poem:

Kafka’s Sisters

With thanks I was tubercular and dead
by early summer nineteen twenty-four,
long in the grave with my intensity

before those three sisters rose to follow,
Ellie and Ottla and Valli dragged through
the cattle-car years down to forty-five.

Ellie and Ottla and Valli I sing,
deported to Poland, deported to Łódź
or all of them dead in a shower somewhere,

a sister’s love held by the ankles and wrists
and heaved to the belt and the oven upstairs.
Ellie and Ottla and Valli I sing,

Ellie and Ottla and Valli at home,
the old apartment in Prague with our parents,
young once at home, and exasperated

with my nerves and my need for privacy,
now three girls naked and starved and buried in air,
their prophet brother far away in the earth.

then I write a brief analysis that suggests; 

Kafaya’s sisters is a story of two sisters wandering in the dark prophecy of their existence by their older brother, this poem suggests the life of this ladies before and after their death. 

Even though I read that Poem three times I can never express his words in the exact way he meant it, but the difference between a 3 times reader and myself that read it once would be that , He/she would definitely understand what he means in different contexts and I would be able to choose which presents Tim’s message better.

Outlining your Points. 

This is a general mantra (lol), but if it helps you present your points more logically. Please outline all the points you presented in the article and see if they followed a regular pattern. 

These points are very little compared to how much stress you’d actually go through when trying to present your points (I’m not trying to scare you), but understanding your topic actually matters. Now some articles might come in spontaneously (most of my articles are spontaneous), but after penning down that random truth, justify it with more information from another perspective. 

I’d be glad if this short article helped, Please tell me if it did. Be sure to add other tips you use in presenting your points more logically, I’m totally interested. You could also send me links to books or articles that helped your writing. Thanks for going thus far in this post! If it interests you to see other posts like this one, please click here.

Holla Tribesmen.

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