Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!

It’s been a year since the dawn of the tribe. Like the rising of the sun the dream was birthed to build a community of creatives to reflect the African narrative. That dream materialized into the tribesmen writers community. Now we celebrate the unity of purpose, the emergence of African writers and the appreciation of African literature under one tribe.

To this end we announce the first year anniversary to celebrate the birth of the tribe! Happy Anniversary, Tribesmen!

We would be having a series of activities which would include:

The Tribe Story: It’s been one year since you have been in the tribe! The tribe has shown the celebration of your art, culture and Pan- Africanism. You have found a family and are able to express yourself and create different narratives through your art. Now is the time to tell your story. How has it been in the tribe? What binds you to the tribe? How has the tribe opened you up to opportunities and self actualisation? Do you have success stories or memories that are capable of holding anyone spell bound?

Tell us about your journey as a tribesman for the past one year! Your story is to show the world how the tribe has impacted you and by extension added value to the literary world.

The Literary Competition themed “The African Story”
In celebration of one year anniversary of the tribe .The TVO TRIBE HOUSE is currently inviting African writers to participate in the “African story writing competition.” All entries must be in line with theme “The African story.”

TVO Tribe is a platform of creatives who express themselves in various forms of arts to tell the African story as well as project the African narrative and also showcase the creativity of emerging African writers in African literature.

All writers must follow the tribe on social media and upload their entries and then tag the tribe. Entries with the highest votes proceed to the final stage where five shortlisted winners would compete till there’s only one winner. The winner parts with a prize and another surprise gift!

Tribe Meet up: An opportunity to meet up and interact with other Tribesmen from various communities. Discuss, compete and share reasonable points and approach to situations. This is open to non members of the community.

These and other amazing activities are aimed at celebrating the beauty and dynamism as well as the creativity the tribe as been known for, in this one year. We congratulate all tribesmen, tribe leads and advocates who have worked tirelessly to keep the vision of the tribe alive and we urge you all to participate in all activities for the celebration of the tribe!

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