Call for submission by African Writers

TVO TRIBE HOUSE is currently inviting submissions in four genres: poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and journal stories. 

TVO TRIBE is a platform for artists and writers to commune, debate, and progress their craft respectively. We cover literary pieces across Africa, gives voice to emerging writers and artists, and even promote literature in indigenous languages.

We accept submissions in the following categories:
• Articles/Essays – 1,200 Words maximum
• Flash Fiction – 300 words maximum
• Poetry – 1 poem, a maximum of 24 lines
• Children’s Literature – 700 words maximum
• Short Stories – 1,500 words maximum
Please note the following:
• You’re allowed to submit to one category only.
• Please include TITLE and CATEGORY in your submission.
• The submission window is open all year round.

Join our Community.

• Ensure that your submission is properly edited before submitting. Download our style guide here.
• Our editors will revert to selected unpublished writers on areas of improvement in their work.
• Due to the number of entries we receive, only selected authors will be on our website.
• The author retains copyright.
• Your work must be thoroughly edited before being uploaded. We will in turn edit selected entries to suit the publication.
• We ONLY accept works by members of our writer’s community (join us).
• We ONLY accept MS word documents.



The poet laureate is easily one of our biggest events as a community. Just as the Nobel Prize is bestowed on an individual who has done exceptionally well in a particular field, with the poet laureate, we seek to honour and crown an outstanding creative every year.

We make sure that our themes border on heavy African narratives. For last year, we had “sankofa yenkyi”, a Ghanaian word from the Akan tribe that means “it is not wrong to go back for that which you have forgotten.”


Call for Submissions!

TVO TRIBE presents an open call for articles, poems, personal accounts, photos, etc on the community’s theme for March:


This is to give African creatives the opportunity to express themselves about the recent turn of events in the African political space. All contributors are therefore required to submit works that relate to this theme.

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