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David Evare

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“Though time is against us, before nightfall, I will return for you my love,” he had told her before he jumped off the building.

“As the sun shines endlessly, so will I wait for you” she whispered.

Afia held a tiny piece of paper. She had scribbled his

promise on it, so every time she lost faith she read it.

Two decades ago, they were together. The place was not perfect but love had made it beautiful enough.

The nostalgic feeling had solved nothing. It only made her heart hurt more.

Her knees were still hurting from kneeling for long. She had been blinded in her right eye after the battle with the guards, the red guards of the Aegean state who surrounded her with crystal lances.

Two decades ago, she sacrificed herself so he could escape. She was sick and following him would have only slowed him down but he never returned, even after she got well.

Perhaps he died escaping.

Shivering under the bitter cold of the Aegean snowless winter, she waited patiently as the executioner read the allegations against her.

“Afia Vinta! You are under arrest for attempting a second prison break and the slaughter of over a dozen red guards. However, due to the magnitude of your past crimes, which includes countless homicides, plotting to fracture the Aegean state, interfering with the Law and Unauthorized Espionage, your punishment is death.”

She trembled under the cold winds, watching the beautiful orange glow, warp across the evening sky. “In another world my love,she muttered and shut her eyes in readiness for death.

Bang! The explosion was deafening

“We’re under attack!” the red guards yelled as shots rang out and countless armors clattered to the ground.

She felt a sharp piercing pain in her neck and she fell into darkness.


The gentle touch of the waterfall cascading through her skin drew her out of her sleep as the air carried a refreshing taste of aqua as singing birds scudded across the air.

“What happened,am I dead,is this afterlife? she asked as she felt an intense pain coursing through her body sustained from injuries.

“Though time stands against us, before nightfall, I will return for you my love.” Her heart sank as she heard that voice. She turned and there he was, Koene.

“What took you so long!” she yelled in anger and joy of seeing him. He enclosed her in a warm hug as she

said,”I thought you were dead.”

“I’m sorry,the journey wasn’t hitch free,” he replied. She showed him her blinded eye and the events that led to it. Nothing can flaw your beauty, not even the loss of a eye. He put his palms on her face and she smiled. Besides, he continued, I can always give my eye to you, he beamed and she grinned.

It was her first smile in a long time, the first of many more to come.

Cheers to our Amazing Tribesman David Evare. We are proud of You!

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