How to deal with Writer’s Block- by the Tribesmen.

How our Tribesmen deal with Writer’s block. Writers block describes when you have no creative surge to write, as a result of exhaustion, stress or just vibes.

Community Manager: Good evening Tribesmen. I hope we’re all doing fine. So I’m wondering… How do you guys relieve stress after extended periods of reading/writing?

Albert: The occasional sip of wine or whiskey depending on my mood plus a workout to release tension in my muscles.

TOSIN: I sleep.

Peace: Close the book. Rant about writing, tell myself I am not reading for the next week.And just pick a good book to read.

Covenant: Most times I take a nap or eat and get back to it I really don’t get tired.

Victoria: I actually dance instead.
I dance when I’m nervous about whatever I’m writing. When I don’t write, I read, listen or talk.
There might be different systems but that’s really all that surrounds it.

Community Manager (Zoltan): Anyone else who does the dishes to get calm? 😅

Lol, do you have other tips for Writer’s block? Please drop them in the comment section!

Thank You 💙

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